10 May, 2009

may 10th

okay, so yesterday i was in the city 
and i was browsing through my favorite little boutiques in Elizabeth Arcade (Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Queensland)
And after having bought the July 09 Vogue Australia (A magazine i NEVER ever buy) a few days ago
As i was looking through a few of the stores something in my mind clicked and I remembered seeing the following on page 38:(scanned by me from July Vogue Aus.)

toy watches!
and i what do you know... i thought to myself.. ive seen these before.
So i walk into Hopscotch(which can also be found at: 354 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Qld)
A store well known for its one of a kind dresses (one of which i wore for my 16th Masquerade party) and amazing accessories
and there on the table in the center of the store:

A vast array of toy watches. 
All different styles and colors. 
So if your into that sort of thing for this season.. head to Hopscotch. 

Also, i was in a shoe mood yesterday, so as i was in dare with my friend Madeline (buying her semi shoes)
i found these:

and then proceeded to buy them in black. 
Gorgeous gorgeous shoes. 
They look stunning in person. The photo doesn't quite do them justice.

I must say im very impressed with Vogue Italia May 2009
the following image from the spread "The now smash of style"
Is stunning, eerily beautiful
Very Rodarte and early Vivienne Westwood.

and i found the most gorgeous Peter Alexander Onesie!
in RUSSH May '09
its next on my to buy list :D

Until next time, 


Taylor Michelle Kimler said...

So, so, so jealous that you got those shoes.
I've been eyeing off the purple one's for ages, but haven't got the chance to buy them yet. Well ask Mum for the $$$ haha.
I seen them in Pulp and nearly dropped dead. Lol.

patricia said...

i think the same pink watch was featured in Yen this month. what a coinkidink!

at the moment, the only 'toy watch' i possess is actually a toy watch, ergo it always reads three o'clock. shame.

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