13 May, 2009

Men in Heels

A couple days ago, one of my friends mentioned to me that he had an interesting proposal for an entry for my blog, naturally I trust this boy and thought I’d see what he had to say. He brought me the topic “Men in Heels”

I was instantly attracted to the concept, how could you not be?

So I set about to find more out about this trend.

After my first google search, I was presented with thousands of links of “Pro Man-Heels” forums and articles.

There are blogs dedicated to Men in high heels, filled with images (http://highheelspassion.blogspot.com/)

But still, I searched deeper; I needed information not just images.

I found the following at: http://shoes.lovetoknow.com/Men_in_High_Heels  

Men in High Heels: A History

  In the days of the Renaissance, clothing was elaborate and fancy. Men’s outfits were nearly as outrageous and decorated as women’s. Powdered wigs and faces were worn by both genders. Another fashion statement enjoyed by men as well as women were high heels. The heels of yesterday were nothing like the ones today. There were no stilettos, but heels were modest. Men and women who were part of the royal family or who were otherwise titled were more likely to wear fancy shoes.

 Now, as someone who has fairly close links with people of all orientations, I had honestly never thought anything of the standard “men” in heels:

cross dressers, female impersonators and even rock stars (KISS)

But now…

“With the recent men’s fashion phenomenon known as metrosexual dressing—where men openly embrace wearing the latest, snazzy styles as well as taking the time for grooming long afforded to women—some rules of men’s clothing began to be questioned. Cowboy boots have always had higher heels than sneakers, but no one ever had a problem with those. Fashion blogs
talked about men in high heels as well, inviting many different opinions on the matter. High heels for men may not ever become the next big thing, but for men brave enough to wear them, despite the discomfort many of them experience, they can finally feel the way women have felt for years”

But there is a deeper argument involved for some, and i found the following at Defiant Angel

Their argument is:

"it’s socially acceptable for any women to wear trousers & their hair short yet it’s not socially acceptable (for men) to wear skirts & heels and their hair long. Abolishing the gender fashion apartheid is the ultimate aim of Men’s Fashion Freedom. Campaigning for a day when man can walk down a street wearing a skirt & his hair long without the fear of being bombarded with abusive remarks. Campaigning for a day when any man is free to be more elaborate with there image free from the bombardment of insult & derision"

 So how do you feel, let them embrace their bravery? Let them show off their calves? Or are you hoping this trend goes no further?

Should Loubou’s and Manolo’s be left to us girls?


Madeleinelouise xo. 


saoishot said...

I love that i'm the trusted boy hehe

patricia said...

hm, i don't know. it's kind of alarmingly effeminate! i think it's a bit too avant garde, but that being said, i think stacked heeled brogues are passable. v. interesting, though. (:

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