14 May, 2009

Peppermint, Bubblegum, Karl and perfection.

These words can only be synonymous with Chanel a/w 09-10 Ready to wear.

As I sit in the library during my sometimes.. painfully long lunchtime.
I maintain my sanity by watching, sometimes rewatching, studying and lusting after Fashion weeks, fashion shows and every minute detail.

Now I know that Paris fashion week was in March, but I haven’t had a blog until recently, and it gives me great joy to present my two favorite images from the entire KL for Chanel collection!


The collar on this coat is divine, and makes me hate Brisbane more than ever – It’s too damn hot for a decent coat (although this doesn’t stop me being perpetually frozen no matter the season) It does give me a small amount of comfort knowing that winter is upon us. And no longer will we be slaves to thin boring clothing.
And yes, I do believe it is another variation of the classic 2.55, this time a quilted toweling in bubblegum pink (a color I have become very fond of in recent weeks, and will use any excuse to wear on my nails)
Which, which looks to die for with this collection.

Now, if you look closely not only to the eyes (the makeup is a feat of genius) But to the nails…


 Is it peppermint? Is it jade?
All I know is I love it. And that I must have that color. Very soon.

Unfortunately the only color I’ve found that is similar (as Chanel won’t release it till next season) is MAC’s Peppermint Pattie, which after only being released 2 days ago, sold out online
  in a matter of hours. On a brighter note, the in store release date is today I believe, and this means that I will be running my bony ass into MAC, Queens Plaza and Myers as quickly as I possibly can. And buying this gorgeous color!


I can see it going well with my Prada fairy bag & black Hermes birkin
but that’s another post.

Madeleine louise xo.


Mia said...

AH oh my god I didn't know we were getting the Sugarsweet collection.

Grace said...

The sugarsweet collection is already mostly sold out down here :( i went to get peppermint patti but it's all gone!

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