17 May, 2009

slow weekend & op shopping

Its been a rather dull weekend i must say, though i did end up going op shopping!
and i returned with 2 blazers, high waisted jeans (debating cutting them into shorts) and a gorgeous pair of leopard print wedges (which look like they have never been worn)
One of the blazers is ivory, and is almost identical to the style and fit of the blazer Tallulah Morton (who is a long-time family friends cousin, and i have spent a bit of time with lulah) wore to the MTV awards 2009.
My blazer is all ivory with ivory buttons, and im thinking i might find some gorgeous gold brocade buttons to sew on instead, but i'm not sure yet 

The other blazer is just a simple black, with small yet still noticeable padding in the shoulders

The shoes i bought ($4):

They fit perfectly, so i was happy!

Still on the hunt for some nice skinnies i can trash
i'm really in the mood for making something. 
maybe ill go knit and watch some sex and the city?
Alright, so this was a boring post, i'm hopefully going street shooting later on today in Brisbane City. 



Grace said...

Your ivory blazer sounds amazing :) cute shoes too.

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