17 June, 2009


For the lack of posting
but I have been out of town!
so here is a lovely  big post. 
I've been away from  a computer for so long!
I lost the bid on the cerulean sequin Balmain style dress as I was on the plane
it ended up going for $1 more than my max. bid D: 
I did however end up getting 2 denim jackets!
one vintage that I'm going to turn into a vest, and one LEE jacket, which is gorgeous. 

My favorites from Christian Dior Resort 2010

Vogue Italia June 2009, Neo Romantic

must have these rings and the skeleton hand
and the Alexander Mcqueen sequin bodysuit 

Numero, Forest Princess

those stockings!

Vogue China July 2009, Sun Goddess

this entire spread is simply lovely.
but this dress is to die for.

Numero, Empire of the rising sun

the jewels are amazing.

Oyster, Haute Macabre - The Vampire and the Nun

Still not sure if i like this one!
but her clothes are amazing.


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