06 July, 2009

follow up & style

Alright, well on saturday I went to the Chanel counter in Queen's Plaza, and found an assistant who ACTUALLY knew what she was talking about.
I had been told by about 3 different counters thats they didn't know what was in the new collection (being released on july 12) And that the jade nail polish could be in it. 
This lady told me otherwise.
The parisian collection (including jade green & what they call jade pink) is only being released at a makeup studio in sydney. This is being released on September 6. She gave me a number to call, because they are taking peoples details. 
I rang up this morning, and my name is officially on the list for at least 2 or 3 bottles.


Jessica Stam  - Vogue Italia 2003


Grace said...

How exciting! :)

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