13 September, 2009

Mr. Wang

Spring / Summer 2010 New York Fashion Week.
Extremely hit and miss. Love a few... the rest - not so much.
The semi-transparent tank.. with stripes. it's quirky and probably the one i like most.
The rest are badly fittted. And not in a good way.

Karlie's walk has become so fierce. love it. love her.


Alexandra said...

I'm unimpressed with this collection, which is a bit sad. There was so much hype around it and I'm disappointed. I agree with the fittings being all off. I can tell he was after some interesting silhouettes but with those colours and shapes, it just doesn't work.

¶ M said...

The forth model is reminding me of Flash Dance. I'm loving the leotard look with the woolly top and long socks. I mean, come one we all loved flash dance right? ;)

Hope your having a beautiful week!

P.S I changed my blog header to Wreckless World instead of Make Polaroids Not War.

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