03 September, 2009

slow day.

Chanel called, my jade green nailpolish has arrived in Australia and is being shipped out to me tomorrow!
very very very exciting.
This boutique is the only store in Australia selling the coveted color, and i have been on the waiting list for months.

Also here is Charles >__<
Image from Facehunter


ilikeyoursundaypersonalitybetter. said...

Charles Guislain is my idol.

ella said...

I wanted that chanel nailpolish as well. Which store is it available in? Is there a waiting list?


madeleine louise. said...

Ella, i had to call up in June or something like that
and have had my name on the list for the day it came in.
and she pretty much said on the phone that if i didnt pay for it today that i wasnt going to get it.
Its only from a Chanel makeup boutique in Myer Sydney

Jowy said...

Charles has such a classy, twisted and modern look..love it!

One Love,

Maverick Malone said...

love that photo. I'm afraid I don't know who charles is, but he seems like he's got style.

elena said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwww love the photo, the necklace is amazing.

check my blog:


Poisoned Amour said...

ooh, ive been dying to get that chanel nailpolish shade. its so so pretty :)
ha, charles. i actually dont know who he is though :(

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