30 September, 2009

Summer is over – Embrace the chill

The key to any season is to live it. And the way you live in winter is very different to the summer, I realised this when I was skiing in New Zealand just last week, to return to Australia and experience the heat (well, not too badly as I am ALWAYS cold) To go from moisturising my hands up to 5 times a day to ensure my skin stayed well hydrated to once a day (and wearing t-shirts instead of thermals and fur coats) and back again can become quite confusing for even the most experienced fashionista.
Men have it harder though, between the dry skin and the (god forbid) sweat – most of these beloved creatures don’t really know how to act, what to wear… and shy away from the moisturiser (I literally have to force my father to moisturise)

So here it is, for my northern hemisphere readers, wekilledCOUTURE’s Version of TFS’s
The Modern Gentleman's Guide To Autumn (Fall) Fashion

Start shielding your skin with a facial moisturizer containing a decent SPF (15 is normally a good one).
The moisturizer will keep your face protected from the wind, and even though the temp. has dropped, sun damage can even occur on colder days.
COMBAT LINES Face Moisturizer SPF 30 From Billy Jealousy

Autumn eases you gently into cold weather, which for those who are overly fond of summer can be quite a shift. (in fall, it’s pretty much expected you wear a shirt)
Cotton is a superb and adaptable fabric, but it is an untreated cellulose-based material, it can absorb 25 times its weight in water. So on cold and windy days, cotton garments will keep you cold instead of toasty warm.
So try and wear less and less cotton clothing as you can. Wear wool or artificial fabrics against your skin whenever possible.
That’s right, no more (well, at least less) cotton undershirts!
It attracts sweat and odour, and ruins the form and movement of many dress shirts and can cause strange lines on your biceps.
If you like the feel of undershirts, try something more sensible like a proper wool or polypropylene thermal shirt.
The solution particularly is to keep your core temperature up and keep your lovely warm blood pouring to your fingers and toes (I recommend coffee, thick socks and a fireplace).

Autumn shoes should have thicker soles than ones you would throw on in summer. In the chill, you want to distance your toes as far from puddles and cool pavement, but you don’t need to take it TOO far (no need to go out and buy a pair of platform boots)

A thin lamb’s wool sweater is the perfect autumn sweater. Zipped up, suddenly you are wearing a turtle neck. Zipped down under a light jacket and you're wearing a breathable warm coat.
But when the cold winds come a blowing, no designer that “can match the protection, comfort and durability of a US Navy Surplus Officer's Sweater” (TFS – however I do agree as my dad has one and it is SO thick and warm but I would never wear it out and about).

A leather jacket may last you the rest of your life, but the stitching and lining will inevitably wear out, the good ones and expensive, and the cheap ones are not good.
Vintage shops always have leather jackets and you can always find one and have it adjusted.

I would kill for a classic Margiela biker jacket - he does them every season in different leathers and colors.

Stay warm, and enjoy the cool while i’m stuck in the tropics dealing with mosquitoes and sand!


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