09 October, 2009


My favourites.
Definitely one of the best this season.

style.com via livejournal


leflassh. said...

agreeeeeeeed. loved this collection so much. and love the new header

madeleine louise. said...

ahh thanks!
i thought i would keep it simple..
want to start transforming my blog into something a bit different.. more defined to my style and what i like...
and once i have more time.. ill post my creations etc.

Modelizer said...

the second dress is very much like jil sander...a lot of people were biting that style this season, especially bottega!

madeleine louise. said...

Yes i agree!
i love it though, so edgy... but Armani Prive did back a while agree with their green and black gown so its nothing new.. I just fell in love with it back then as well haha.

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