20 November, 2009

We say goodbye.

May 31, 1989 - November 19, 2009

A tragedy, a mere 20 years old. 
My thoughts go out to her friends and family. 
And to the fashion community, we know what we have lost as a Model and a Muse.

My apologies for the lack of posts this week, I have been in hospital and there is no wireless. 
Hopefully will be out in the next couple days. 
Thankyou to Dazed and Confused Magazine for the get well soon messages. 
And everyone else who is supporting me through this time. 


wideawakethoughts said...

Hi lovely one,

My god - Dual Kim has passed away? This is the first I have heard of it! That's terrible.

I'm sorry I didn't reply to your email - I can't access my work email since I'm overseas so I'm using a different email address and I've only just switched my widget to click to the new address. SO nice to have a personalized domain!

I'm also sorry to hear you are in hospital - I hope it is nothing serious! As always your blog looks terrific, and it was so nice to hear from you. Get well soon!

x Jessy

LoveMore said...

RIP Daul :(

And hope you get better soon honey! xxxxxxxxx bel

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