05 January, 2010

Off Duty.

Models off duty, loving these two looks.
The leather jacket is beautiful, and the blue cape is stunning - would make me consider wearing a super bright color, however my hair is dark so the blue would need to be deeper.

images courtesy from ModelCouture


MissNeira said...

I love her over the knee boots, nice platform

MissNeira said...

by the way!

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fashionbelate said...

Agreed, the blue cape is amazing! x

wideawakethoughts said...

LOVE Anya's leather jacket. What do you think, Rick Owens?

How are you lovely one - were you in Brisbane for Christmas? x

wekilledCOUTURE. said...

Jess, I thought it was Rick Owens as well!
And I'm doing alright sugar, i spent Christmas with mum and dad in Brisbane.
How were your holidays?

Aliona said...

Love the blue cape!!!


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