29 March, 2010

Everything is not normal.

I have been thinking of this how I would construct this post since I first saw the images from the London College of Fashion MA show. There were so many amazing designs, fresh designers with brilliant minds.
But one particular piece completely stole the show for me (amidst the multicolored gradient dyed fur) , which resulted in dreams of carrying it with me like a loved pet, the dog I could never have as they are far more high maintenance than cats. This bag - made me forget all others. It didn't leave my thoughts.
IT bags never make me swoon, I covet items that are originally designed, handmade, using strange and wonderful textures and fabrics and pieces that aren't on the arm of every fashion blogger in the world wide web. This would explain my sheer worship of the goddess Luxirare.
I had to find out more about this piece.
So I emailed the designer - Merve Tuna - and was met with a welcome response. I discovered that my now most coveted bag is in fact named "Ms Boar" and belongs to the collection "Everything is normal"
The entire show was amazing, pants made from animal pelts ( long before the Chanel "Wookie" pants made their debut in the FW2010 collections ) beautiful tactile shirts embellished with eyes, floor length deep blue velvet with a scarf not only made of fox, but made of multiple complete foxes and birds.
I am in love, the bag has a completely grotesque quality to it that I find incredibly beautiful and attractive, highly controversial (please no hate mail) yes - but it shows that Merve is a designer that doesn't aim to please the vast majority, but rather designs the way they want to design. This is to me is what makes a great designer. True vision, and an imagination to take something far beyond the norm. My attraction is heightened by my respect for this method of creating fashion, of creating works of art.
My addiction to fur has escalated to a new level. And with it, knowledge of a new design technique that Merve is known for - Hacked Fashion - something I will have to do a completely separate post on at a later date. I was inspired and needless to say this resulted in me downloading a 200+ page thesis on "Hacktivism" and "Up-cycling"

Oh the looks I would get with this bag (not like a nearly 5"10 seventeen year old dressed in black leather pants and 5 1/2" platform wedge boots doesn't attract enough already)

I need, I want.

Ms Boar - Merve Tuna

Image courtesy of
Morgan O'Donavan for Dazed Digital


that girl lucy said...

wowza, that is amazing! thankyou for introducing me to my favourite new designer ;)

ushi sato said...

i sooo lurv this...

Poisonn Amour said...

just clicked on that link, and your right theres so many creative designs out there. thanks for sharing :)

Panda said...

Lovely lovely post - your blog rocks!
Panda x

UberOriginal said...

That bag is all kinds of amazing! I really like your blog it's very polished. I came accross it after finding you on twitter the other day, always on the lookout for fellow Brisbane bloggers. Xx

Modelizer said...

I saw this on a coworkers screen today [some site was making fun of it] and I honestly cringed. I don't know if anyone could actually get away with carrying that bag. I imagine a pack of peta people off to the side plotting ways to destroy it.

Suzanne said...

HOLY F* that bag is insane!!

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