12 March, 2010

Screen Siren

I'm quite lucky to be able to say all the following pieces are all sitting on my dining table as I type this.
After scrubbing each piece with a toothbrush and toothpaste (the best way to clean costume jewelry) various inscriptions on the back of some became legible. Some say "Austria" "Holly..." "1957" And most of them are real crystal.
Mum was given this (and more that have been lost over the years) By an old time film star who lived in the apartment next to mum when mum lived in Brentwood / Hollywood.
When the lady passed away, mum was given her jewelry.
I'm wearing the pieces for a photo shoot I have on sunday (which is also my 17th birthday)

Photos all by me


Ciao Bella said...

these are all gorgeous! i'm jealous. happy(almost)birthday.
iheartchiobella.blogpsot.com & fromthelandofmakebelieve.tumblr.com

Lucinda said...

Vintage crystal costume jewellry is probaly the only type of jewellry I get really excited about. The story behind these pieces makes them even more special. Happy 17th!


wekilledCOUTURE. said...

Thank you!

And Lucinda, i'm the exact same, i rarely ever wear more than 2 silver rings, not even earrings! but the crystals just make me want to pile this all on!
Your blog is amazing btw.

Madeleine Louise

LuxiRare said...

These are gorgeous photos and pieces !!! I really love the photography too. Great!

PocketSquareZ said...

WoW. AweSome! Great ideas. But where are the pocket square concepts?
www PocketSquareZ com

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