14 March, 2010


Today is my 17th birthday, and I spent it shooting with the incredibly talented Fabliha Reza
The shoot was styled by me, inspired by miu miu s/s 10 to an extent, and incorporating the colored hair trend - taking me back to my obsession with colored hair when i was a mere pre-teen.
Featuring pastels, ribbon, tulle and the stunning costume jewelry in my previous post.
Nails were Chanel Jade Green and my hair was streaked with lavender.

Now, I would never normally post images that were taken on mac photo booth.
But I am extremely tired and cannot be bothered setting up my muslin and taking decent pictures.
But i figured your all itching to see what I look like (nealy one year and most of you - unless you follow me on twitter - will have no idea!) . And today is as good a day as any.
So these will have to do.

Introducing, Madeleine Louise (wekilledcouture)

Photos by me...obviously


Taj said...

Happy Bday!!

leflassh. said...

happy birthday doll. you look gorgeous! xx

anna said...

Happy Birthday!

Ciao Bella said...

you are gorgeous! i love your hair.
happy birthday xx

fizzleout.wordpress.com said...

Happy birthday! Thanks for your comment... and great to see your photos. So glad that I was pointed in the direction of your blog, always great to find Brisbane bloggers!

Erika said...

Oh, you are absolutely gorgeous, darling - I so adore these photographs of you.

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, my love!! :)

IsauraQuevedo said...

You are so pretty, I love your eyes



Happy Happy Birthday doll face xoxo

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