21 April, 2010

Homme vs. Femme

One coat, two looks.

My first outfit post, so excuse the mildly awkward poses.
I have to figure out somewhere where I have more space so I can get my tripod further back so I don't look so out of proportion due to the angle.

Vintage Yohji Yamamoto Tuxedo Coat from
Claire Inc.

Homme: White button up - Vintage, Leather leggings - Ebay, Custom made leather Winkeplepickers - from the UK
Kimchi Blue Marilyn Dress - Urban Outfitters, Velvet thigh high boots - Pleaser


leflassh. said...

outfit post!
i love the first look.
the photos look amaze.
good job beb!
def more of this..xx

UberOriginal said...

Hello hair, hello booties. Very good first attempt, really inspires me to take some time for my blog. ! Xx

susie_bubble said...

I'm glad that Yohji coat went to a good home!

LuxiRare said...

wow I love that coat and the whole outfit, great pics!

aaronpurdie said...

the boots are amazing!! sex shops do have those fashion gems.

Obscura said...

You are lovely.
Great blog. very polished.

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