14 June, 2010

two words I hate more than most...

It wrenches the heart from it's very place in the chest and makes you think it is going to exit through your nose or mouth.
Maybe not that graphic, but it is horribly depressing.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Intarsia wool and silk-blend dress from Net-A-Porter
Sold out in XXS. Annoyed.


kelly frances said...

sold out, i completely agree with your hatred! i look forward to following your blog!


{ I V Y } said...

daaaang! :|

Katnani said...

I knew this had to be McQueen... :'( It was sooo HIM!


couture whore said...

mcqueen lives on. amazing, i love this dress. x

Anni said...

just discovered your blog
amazing! love it so far ;)

envoguelove said...

Know how you feel . Sometimes I hate Net-A-Porter...haha

vicky said...

Its in stock on the UK website if thats any help?

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