11 July, 2010

Billy Bride

I have posted about these jaw-droppingly beautiful rings before, but the lovelies over at Billy Bride Jewelery sent me a sneak preview of their new collection. Unfortunately I was unable to post these yesterday as I was at my senior formal. So instead of keeping you in a horrible suspense by saying the collection isn't being released until tomorrow - I can bring you the wonderful piggy-bank-breaking news that the collection has launched and up and running right now.

The new collection features the classic Champagne Aura and hand crafted silver rings I originally fell in love with, but upon viewing the images I was greeted with the amazing Citrine and was captivated by the deep blue Lapis Luzuli set in gold plated silver - and i'm someone who never wears gold jewelry, however the sight of this piece made me want to re-think that. A Rainbow Flourite crystal with a gradient from pale lavender to a baby blue invoked femininity without removing the designers raw aesthetic.

I fall more and more in love with these rings everytime I see them, the slightly rough, dark settings - claws that cling to the raw crystals in all the right places.
I'll let the picures do the talking now, and to see the whole new collection go to Billy Bride Jewelery


chase.dakota said...

ohh the rings are amazing!!



fizzleout said...

beautiful stuff! you are making me want a crystal ring even more!

fizzleout said...

ps. rach over at 'i want what she's wearing' snapped a street style shot of billy (wearing some of her fantastic jewellery) this week...

-louise smit- said...

i need..

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Do want!

TASHA B said...



Lucy Laucht said...

Oh wow, these are so beautiful. I think I even love them more than the YSL stone ring. I want one! Lx

Carissa said...

super awesome collection!

BEK F said...

These rings are insane! I want them all


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh my, I hopped over to Billy Bride Jewelry, and have concluded that they just may have the most amazing rings ever, ever, ever. I've never fancied traditional rings and often say I'll never marry a boy who proposes to me with a diamond ring, but a ring like one of these instead? I couldn't say anything but yes!

I'm going to go look at them some more ... I like them so much, they nearly make me want to go into jewelry making biz, if only to produce these kinds of beauties. The ragged and rough edges are marvelous, they a possess a sort of flawed essence, and yet I believe they're cut perfectly.

Sorry, I'm done. It's not often I feel as strongly as this about jewelry, please excuse my outburst!


Indigo In The Air said...

Hey girls! Check out http://indigointheair.blogspot.com/ for similar (but cheaper!) knuckle dusters!


(Sorry to hijack the post haha)

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