29 July, 2010

Gilt and Guilt.

I'm sorry for the lack of new content, i'm back at school unfortunately and it seems I don't even have time to do the basic things let alone take pictures. Plus, when i'm at school i'm forced to wear a uniform.. which even if we were allowed to post pictures of it on the internet, would be terribly boring and make you all think what the fuck... she's gone crazy.
So I will give you these incredible images from Frockshopstyle. And promise that I have some very interesting and unique posts coming soon.

image credit: Photography Red Eclipse, Styling Jessy Cameron for FS Style, Hair & Make Up Desiree, Model Isabella Cameron.


ushi sato said...

ohhhh goshhhhh this is sooooo fabulous....i lurv the shot....sooooo sooooo regal ang classssss........

wanderingbabcia said...

Hey! love your blog!!! And thanks for checking out mine!!!

Rachelle xo

gleenn said...

wow, those are magnificent earrings! :)

Mystery Bruises said...

wow this is beautiful!
awesome stuff i love your blog

Clara said...

She's stunning!

C.Chico said...

amazing images. i want all of the earrings!


Nice shots

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KaitlynMcCall said...

Awesome earrings. L0VE this post. Definitely have a great blog here, very unique ideas. Keep it up!

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Carolyn said...

wow these earrings are beautiful. i've been looking for huge space consuming earrings for a while

Emilie said...

Beautiful pictures.


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