12 September, 2010

Does Not Equal

I've nursed my love of Does Not Equal for quite sometime - Their refined way of creating exceedingly distinct pieces is clean and crisp and I can definitely foresee a rather large collection of Does Not Equal jewelry ending up in my hands.

Shirt - Alexander McQueen via. Net-a-Porter, Necklace - Gift courtesy of Does Not Equal


Anonymous said...

that looks awesome! i'll have to jump on and looka t their stuff
love your blog

therawpower said...

i am checking out the necklace right now !
its really nice =..)

jessy said...

oh my, my... is THAT the McQueen shirt? amazing.

thank you for your sneakily sweet comment on the F&S blog! xx

can't wait for our catch up.

x jessy

Maria said...

love your blog!

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