19 October, 2010

Structure and Suede

If you follow me on twitter then you would have seen or heard my story behind these.

I wanted to do a whole outfit post to go with them, but I thought the structural beauty of the wedge was enough in itself. Perhaps it is just the fact I live in a town where barely anyone wears heels during the day... But the 6 inch tall wedges were quite the conversation starter.

Joe's Jeans Princess Suede Wedges from ShopBop


fizzleout said...

Oh I love them! very beautiful! haha I bet you got some comments in Brissy

Loz - Vogue Contradiction said...

Beautiful hunni! I have started this new thing where I am just going to test the norms of brisbane fashion and wear heels 24/7...it also justifies my constant purchasing of new heels.


asha said...

Gorgeous. It's hard living in a town where no one wears heels, I do too. I guess it just makes you stand out though :)


Sarah Dee said...

they are so gorgeous, I know how you feel though! In a college campus where everyone wears sweats & tee's anything "fashionable" gets looks


TASHA B said...

wow these are insane!!!!

Alecto said...

they totally deserve all the buzz. let them talk!!

JC. said...

wheew those prettiess are crazy!
& i know what you've to deal with. in my town its already weird if you wear a necklace -.-

Abby said...

They are so so beautiful it almost hurts to look at them!!!


Kimberley said...

They are so cute. Great buy :)

Taylor said...

Those are beautiful. I love your blog.

brit said...

Great blog.. i have seen those shoes.. pretty great.


JoeyAna said...

gorgeous shoess!!
totally dropping dead for them!

Anonymous said...

Love these shoes and a cheap buy but they look too big for you :(

NĂ¡dia said...

Those are totally WOW!!!


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