08 September, 2011

Rachel Gilbert

On my way to work one night, a particular dress in the window of the boutique across the street caught my eye. In the window of Frockshop, front and centre - was the Rachel Gilbert Simone dress.
A long, elegant, black sequin dress that was so unbelievably beautiful I followed it with my eyes as we drove past. Very rarely does an item of clothing lure me in the way this dress did, but everything about it was just right; the cut of the neckline, the figure hugging body with the slight fishtail around the legs and ankles. It was truly beautiful. 
Again, very rarely is there something I truly need when it comes to fashion, plenty of things I want. But this was a new level. I need this dress.  

Images from Net-A-Porter
The dress is available at Frockshop and Net-A-Porter