07 December, 2011

Beginning Boutique X Brisbane Bloggers

Tonight the Amazing Sarah and Kate from Beginning Boutique hosted the last Brisbane Fashion Bloggers Meetup for 2011. It was amazing finally putting more names to faces and getting to know everyone. It was great to catch up again with Francesca of Opinion Slave, Nora of Black Balloon and Chloe of Social Emissions before I jet off to Europe for a Month on Saturday. 
A massive thank you to Kate and Sarah who gifted all of us with Karen Walker earrings! (I got the skulls, how fitting!) 
A shout out must also go to my Lover Alexander who went with me to the event and held himself quite well in a room full of such beautiful and powerful women. 
He wouldn't let me photograph him though and the photos I did get he would't let me post! 
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Francesca of Opinion Slave & Nora of Black Balloon 
 Bianca of Sargasso Sea & Chloe of Social Emissions
The Amazing Sarah from Beginning Boutique  

 Kate & Sarah from Beginning Boutique
 Kaity from Modern Legacy 
Nora, Sarah and Francesca 

Kellie & Bianca from Sargasso Sea
Soph from Owl Vs Dove 

Massive thank you again to Kate & Sarah and to all the girls!