19 December, 2011

Chanel Tweed

Dragging Alexander around to roughly 8 Depot Ventes in Paris was probably not his idea of a good time. However I could not think anything better than being surrounded by Chanel, Lacroix, Dior, Galliano, Hermes, Alaia, Balmain and Vuitton. It was incredible to lay my hands on those garments I never thought I would have the pleasure of seeing in person, to be able to pick up and run my hands over those Balmain SS09 Dresses, Vintage Lacroix gowns and incredible Dior creations was unbelievable.

 Having read multiple books on the art of couture sewing and pages upon pages on the workmanships behind these pieces, it was with great excitement that I ever so gently moved between the racks with a care usually reserved for new born babies and highly breakable crystal objects. However in each store I immediately went to find a certain rack, the rack that held the Chanel Tweed Suits. This was the item I was searching for, and I found “the one” after trying on close to 20 suits.

 Concealed within the silk lining of a Chanel Jacket is a fine chain that gives the garment its flawless silhouette. This chain allows the jacket to hang correctly against a woman’s figure and ensure the impeccable structure remains intact. Chanel is the only couture house to use ‘weight’ within jackets in this way. And it works, the way this jacket sits is unbelievable and It fit like it was made for me. I immediately knew this one would be coming home with me.

 By exercising a continual formula and utilizing the same materials and methods that went into Coco’s first suit, the Chanel suit remains an iconic and highly desired garment of fashion today. The suit has evolved during its existence to fit with ever-transient fashion trends, however the structure of this garment has remained the same at the most fundamental level.


Bianca said...

Congratulations on your first Chanel suit! How exciting. I never knew the story behind the weighting of the jackets, fascinating. Hope you and your boyf are enjoying your trip.

Bianca x

Ivory † said...

So jealous that you got Chanel from Paris. I'm so jealous that you got to hold couture! Your trip sounds so dreamy <3



- perfect buy, i like it.

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