22 January, 2012

Le Paradis du Fruit

10 Boulevard des Batignolles
75017 Paris

This restaurant had only just opened and we were there from day 1 I think. It has got to have one of the most beautifully decorated interiors I have seen, not to mention an amazing menu.
We went pretty much everyday since arriving in Paris and I have ordered the same thing each time, I don’t think I could ever get sick of it – a grande Rose Paradis – sans sucre.  Alexander is a bit more adventurous and tries a different dessert or drink everyday.

There are many different Paradis Du Fruit restaurants around Paris, some doing take away and other variations. Ours however was Batignolles, and we would not go anywhere else. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was astonishing and the people were incredible.

With each visit I noticed something new, whether it was the incredible blown glass fruit chandelier, the screens that display videos filmed underwater of fruit being dropped in slow motion, or even small things – like how the knives are placed.  We were informed during one of our visits that the designer was infact, Philippe Starck the infamous designer of the Ghost Chair

The staff here are absolutely lovely, extremely welcoming and friendly. On the day we left we gave our favorite waitress a card and a bottle of champagne, thanking her for her hospitality and even more than that – her friendship.
We also gave a card to the manager, addressed to the whole team thanking them as well. And when we had finished lunch the manager and the waitress that was on both met us at the door and said some of the loveliest things, things you would expect from friends, not just from people at a restaurant you go to – even as regularly as we did.

So merci beaucoup to Lea, and the team at Le Paradis Du Fruit Batignolles


Sheena said...

Lovely post. The bonds you make when travelling are very special and looking at your photos its not hard to see why you kept returning x

Fabliha said...

The atmosphere of the place and the food seems amazing.... I am just so jealous of your Paris trip

Alicia said...

Oooh I love eating there too!!! When I was studying in Paris it was my favorite place to go!! :)

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